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We are business office specialists for post-acute and senior living providers.

Since 1982, LTC has provided steadfast, professional service to skilled nursing and assisted living providers nationwide. We take decisive action to protect your cash flow and deliver the results you need every day.

Our engagements include the following drivers of success:

  • Software Systems Setup and Oversight: Assuring correct revenues, clean, timely claims and accurate books. Incorrectly set up software quickly and easily creates bad debts. We always start here.
  • Census Management: We scrutinize your census every day and take proactive steps to understand possible changes in payers or coverage.
  • Admissions Management: We confirm and track eligibility and authorization for every admission, every cycle. We proactively address all and pending eligibility and reauthorization cases.
  • Timely Claims for all Payers: We keep to rigorous timely filing protocols. We generate clean claims and transmit them on time for all payers with no exceptions.
  • Private Collections: We facilitate friendly and timely communications with private payers to stay on top of outstanding balances.
  • Month End reports: We provide monthly Key Indicator Reports that include revenues, claims, payments, DSO and cash receipt trends, authorization status, eligibility status and more.
  • Aging Review: We review all aging balances every month.

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Bad Debts happen fast. If you have aged balances, we advise immediate, proactive steps to protect your revenue and collect your cash.

No one can afford to lose money for services already provided. Our sharp, sophisticated teams have a proven system to collect aged accounts and put the money in your bank.

We collect $Millions of aged, at-risk receivables for providers every year.

Here is what we do:

  1. We conduct an efficient aging review to determine areas of focus and propose a collections action plan.
  2. We establish basic software and information access and immediately launch the collections action plan.
  3. We move quickly and generate the quickest possible results.
  4. We provide monthly reports and updates.

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Our consulting group is available for special engagements:

  • Software configuration and training
  • Business office reviews including A/R audits, policy and procedure, and staff knowledge assessments.
  • Staff training
  • Temporary business office coverage
  • Special Payer focus projects
  • Compliance reviews

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On-Demand Collections for Difficult Claims Professional Support for Your Business Office

Collection of receivables is one of the toughest financial challenges post post-acute facilities face today. Third party payers find every reason to deny or delay paying claims, creating cash flow issues and potentially impacting financial viability. NetCollect exists to be an on-demand collection solution for unpaid claims that require extra time and resources to resolve.

If you have unpaid claims over 120 days that are at risk of becoming uncollectible, NetCollect is a safety net for you to convert at risk balances into cash without tying up your business office team.

  • Extensive knowledge of claims and payers
  • Group diagnostic approach
  • Insurance Call Center
  • Proactive Work: receive updates within 48 hours

We collect millions of dollars of aged, at-risk receivables for providers every year. Absolutely no risk, we only get paid when we collect for you.

  • Free claim review and assessment
  • Commission-only fee structure
  • Win or lose, our review can reduce future losses and build best practices

Our proprietary NetCollect online software makes it easy to upload accounts and track progress in real time.

  • Your team enters minimum claim information
  • Easily and securely upload supporting documents
  • Assign account to NetCollect
  • We get to work
  • Claim log is updated with progress and results in real time
  • You maintain full visibility into the process
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Since 1982, LTC Consulting has been delivering client-focused, technology-driven billing and accounts receivable management services to post acute providers.

We provide proficient billing, A/R management, collections services, and expert training to post acute providers and organizations nationwide. From help with individual claims to full contracted billing services on a large scale, LTC’s deep experience and history of performance will help you thrive.

We deliver cost effective, technologically efficient, and results driven solutions.


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