Skilled Nursing Home Billing & AR Management

Accurate billing with timely and diligent Accounts Receivable (A/R) management

Our engagements include the following drivers of success:

  • Software Systems Setup and Oversight: Assuring correct revenues, clean, timely claims and accurate books. Incorrectly set up software quickly and easily creates bad debts. We always start here.

  • Census Management: We scrutinize your census every day and take proactive steps to understand possible changes in payers or coverage.

  • Admissions Management: We confirm and track eligibility and authorization for every admission, every cycle. We proactively address all and pending eligibility and reauthorization cases.

  • Timely Claims for all Payers: We keep to rigorous timely filing protocols. We generate clean claims and transmit them on time for all payers with no exceptions.

  • Private Collections: We facilitate friendly and timely communications with private payers to stay on top of outstanding balances.

  • Month End reports: We provide monthly Key Indicator Reports that include revenues, claims, payments, DSO and cash receipt trends, authorization status, eligibility status and more.

  • Aging Review: We review all aging balances every month.

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