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Administrator Losses are ‘Critical Issue’ for Nursing Home Workflow, Morale

Focused Post Acute Care Partners CEO Mark McKenzie is starting to see burnout among his senior leaders take its toll on overall operations..

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58% of Nursing Homes Are Limiting New Admissions Due to Staffing Shortages

Of 1,183 nursing home and assisted living providers surveyed by the American Health Care Association and National Center of Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL)

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LTC Newsletter: Managed Medicaid

You remember the old days when we had a little "HMO" billing? Now Managed Care is everywhere. Remember "Fee For Service Medicaid"?  Well, now so much of it is Managed Medicaid.

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Long-Term Care Leaders...

As the Nursing Home Improvement and Accountability Act makes its way through Congress, two leaders in the long-term care industry this week said enhanced funding to support staffing in nursing homes...

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Older adults with dementia half as likely to move to a nursing home if they live with adult children

The study found that people with dementia who are women, Black, low-income, or have lower levels of education are are likely to have adult children available to provide care.

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LTC Newsletter: Medicare Advantage Audits: A cashflow risk

Manage them well. Respond promptly! The less you respond, the more audits you may get.

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LTC Newsletter: COVID has complicated Medicare billing and reimbursements

We are helping clients collect aged Medicare balances and we have observed some trends that may be of interest.


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