Managed Medicaid Tips & Trends

Once upon a time we did a little "HMO" billing, now Managed Care is everywhere.

Once there was mostly "Fee For Service Medicaid", and now this payer too is Managed. Those were the good old days, but there's no point in nostalgia, we have work to do, and claims that need to get paid at 100%.

They key to Managed Medicaid is being organized and getting it right from the start. Authorizations, Eligibilities, Dates of Service, Levels of Care, Claims, Codes and deadlines all need to be kept straight.

When you work with LTC Consulting, we help you handle Managed Medicaid challenges. We work the systems and aggressively pursue and collect money for you. We have overcome the challenges posed by Managed Medicaid payers for years, and we are ready to share our knowledge with you. Our teams are standing by and can't wait to work with you!

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