CCI delayed in Alameda and Orange
Implementation of the Coordinated Care Initiative in Alameda and Orange counties has been postponed ... more
Medi-Cal Check Holds Approaching in June 2014
This is a reminder... more
RACs Temporarily Cease Requests for Medical Records
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced in a memo on February 18, 2014, that they are in the procurement process... more
Our Solutions

A/R Collection Work, Consulting and Training
LTC Consulting's A/R Specialists are quick to evaluate business office operations and identify opportunities for progress and increased cash flow. We look at all monthly reports including aging reports, evaluate days in A/R and look at your regular and special billing procedures. If there are operational issues resulting in reduced or non-payment we will fix them and train on the correct and efficient ways to keep things moving smoothly. Our services cover every payer source including Medicare, Medi-Cal, HMO/3rd Party and Private. In many instances, an overloaded business office will assign LTC to a specific payer class or date range and we collect, adjust, or recommend for write off until assigned balances are zero. We are a backup to your business office and our goal is to support your staff to the point where you no longer need our services.

Outsourced Billing
This has been LTC's specialty for 25 years. In outsourcing engagements, LTC assumes full responsibility for billing and collections for all payer classes including Medicare, Medi-Cal, HMO, Private, including coinsurance and deductibles. We require a dedicated contact person at the facility to feed us census changes and send us copies of essential data including RAs and bills from your vendors. In addition to our ongoing work, we are committed to your success and will review any operations and/or documentation that affect A/R and make appropriate recommendations to improve compliance and/or efficiency. Services are billed at a flat monthly rate and all contracts are month to month

Quarterly Maintenance Services
This is our popular service which, if performed regularly, almost guarantees that problem accounts rise to the surface and receive expert attention avoiding payment cutbacks and other bad debts. Each quarter we will schedule to visit and sit in on an aging review and work together to solve issues. Billed hourly.

Special Payer Focus Services
LTC's staff has dedicated experts in the four main payer sources. Our Medi-Cal team has 5 dedicated members who work together solely on Medi-Cal to research, bill, follow up and collect and/or adjust accounts. Our Medicare experts have years of experience with the nuances of the Medicare program and quickly repair and resolve any issues. Our HMO Specialists have worked with most every group in the state and have special tools designed to speed issues through the system. Our Private Pay/Customer Service Group is made up of our most senior specialists who have the ability to explain issues to those unfamiliar with the system and collect dollars owed to the facility.

Temporary Staffing Solutions
LTC Accounts Receivable specialists are available to step in on a temporary basis while a business office staff person may be out. We are fluent in most software systems and can step in quickly to ensure uninterrupted cash flow. We are available to work on site from 1-5 days per week, depending upon what is called for. While maintaining your current billing and collections work, we also work aged accounts wherever possible so as to return responsibility for AR back to the facility in the best possible situation.